My Company Virtual Assistant
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Why Us

Our clients can save up to 70 percent of the cost of hiring an inhouse employee by-

  • Not having to pay health or retirement benefits
  • Not having to pay sick time/personal time/vaction time
  • Not having to pay for holidays
  • Not having to pay for overtime when needed
  • Not having to pay for raises or bonuses
  • You will not have Infrastructure costs (no desks, no office supplies or anything of any sort needed to be provided) unless otherwise stated

Our Facilities Overseas

Our offices and campus overseas have a strong infrastructure including full backup power, non stoppower supply, proper ISP connections and more.

Why hire us?

MyCompanyVirtualAssistant provides the highest quality of service to ensure each and every client is happy with their Virtual Assistant. You will be provided a USA quality assurance supervisor who will oversee all work done to make sure everything is done correctly. You will be able to call this manager 24 hours a day .

70% Cost Savings

Businesses Can reduce most of the everyday expenditure of onsite employee

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Money Back Guarantee

As believing customer satisfaction, client can cancel seo specialist services in 14 days.

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