My Company Virtual Assistant
Phone: 1 954 671 7950
Where are we located?

We are located in Great Neck, New York.
How is the possible to offer great prices like this?

We are able to offer great prices because we have offshore offices where our employees are paid based in their countries normal wages.
What type of quality will the service be since it is offshore?

Our offshore staff are highly trained and have been through a long training period to ensure each person is ready to be a Virtual Assistant in their respective field. Currenty all of our Virtual Assistants have 3+ years in the field they are working in.
Do you offer any reports on a weekly basis?

Yes, we will provide you with a weekly report or daily report if needed
Do you have references I can call?

Of course, we have many current clients who would be glad to give a reference for us.
Am I able to do a trial package?

We have daily packages which you can purchase and then you will be able to see how we service you
How will I communicate with my Virtual assistant?

You will be able to speak with your virtual assistant via, skype, gtalk, or email. At times they will have a phone set up for you to speak with them if you purchase the call center package.
70% Cost Savings

Businesses Can reduce most of the everyday expenditure of onsite employee

Money Back Guarantee

As believing customer satisfaction, client can cancel seo specialist services in 14 days.

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